Formula 1 GP Austria 30.06.2023 - 02.07.2023


Race Weekend tips

This information will be published a few days before the race here.

Wear light, comfortable clothes and shoes. In case it rains, we recommend packing a waterproof jacket or raincoat, and in case the sun shines we also recommend sunscreen.

No, if you don't have sensitive ears, you can leave the plugs at home.

At the Red Bull Ring, you can pay using the Cashless Payment System in the restaurants and also gift shops. More information can be found here.

A few weeks before Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the timetable will be accessible here.

Circuit rules

Click here to find a map of the Red Bull Ring circuit.

Giant screen locations will be confirmed closer to the event.

Red Bull Grandstand, Grandstand Steiermark, Grandstand Start-Ziel covered, T10 Grandstand and general admission.


There are numerous designated parking areas around the circuit for ticket holders. Please see this page for more details.

Entrance rules

Yes, you can take photos but only for personal and private non-commercial purposes.

No, you may not bring your food/drinks on the premises. There will be numerous food and drink shops on location.

Yes, spectators are allowed to bring flags and banners that do not exceed one meter in length or with handles greater than one-meter long.

No pets are allowed.

The circuit has extensive versatile broadcast communications included, so yes.


Yes, if you book your accommodation via our website, your personal information, as well as payment details, are always kept safe and secure with us

Traffic during Austrian GP

There are several parking lots around the Red Bull Ring. For more information on parking on the circuit, please click here.

Yes, there are. The start-finish grandstand is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and toilets on the same level. Audio description for visually impaired and blind persons is available and presented by experienced commentators.Click here for more information.

Yes, near the Red Bull Ring there is a car park for disabled people. The full map of the parking lots can be found here.


How to get to the circuit

The easiest and the least expensive would be to take the bus straight from the airport. There is even a special line between trains that will take you to the Vienna Central train station from the airport in 16 minutes.For more information, please click here.

There are several international airports in Austria where you can land. You can choose from airports in Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Klagenfurt, or Graz. Of course, you can also fly to nearby foreign cities, such as the airport in Bratislava.
More information about the airports can be found here.

We did not forget. The journey by bus to the Austrian Grand Prix is much longer compared to the journey by train, and/or from some places completely impossible. Have a look at other options here.

Yes, during the Austrian F1 GP, special bus lines run from Spielberg and the surrounding towns (Knittelfeld, Judenburg). They stop directly in front of the main gate of the Red Bull Ring.

The easiest way is to take a taxi. More information about taxis in Spielberg can be found here.

As a F1 visitor, you have a parking place included in the ticket price. You will be sent to the appropriate car park depending on the color of your ticket. Do not worry; all car parks are just a few minutes walk from the circuit. To see the map of the parking areas near the Red Bull Ring, please see this page.

If you decide to explore the surroundings of Spielberg, it is possible to park at the supermarket parking lots or on the streets. Always check whether there is a parking meter.

There are several parking lots around the Red Bull Ring for bikers. However, these parking lots are uncovered. To see the map of the parking areas near the racing circuit at Spielberg, please click here.

The Red Bull Ring is approx. 5 km from the city center. It's a five-minute drive or 40 minutes walking.

Useful information about Austria

You can exchange money in many exchange offices (we recommend exchange offices outside the main tourist routes) or in banks. If you opt for an exchange office, make sure that you do not have to pay any unnecessary fees and check the exchange rate in advance. If you go to the bank, keep in mind that they are usually closed at weekends.
In most shops and restaurants, however, it is possible to pay with bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, Plus, Maestro, etc.)

Austria has a strong economy and renowned services, so higher quality comes at a higher price.
In restaurants and other catering facilities directly in the area of the Red Bull Ring, prices are around €15-20 for lunch.
Outside the circuit area, resp. directly in the town of Spielberg or Knittelfeld, however, lunch prices are already around €10-15.


If you were satisfied with the service and the quality of food and drink, it is polite to leave a tip of about 10% of the total expenditure when paying.

All this information can be found at (if you do not speak German, in the upper right corner, the page can be switched to English). More information on how to travel to Spielberg can be found here.

Clear or partly cloudy. To be honest, we do not know…. However, the usual summer temperatures are between 24-26 ° C. Let's hope the weather is nice. But one never knows. 

Discover Spielberg

We won’t lie to you. Spielberg lives mainly by motorsport, but it also has something to offer for the curious. After all, it lies at the foot of the Alps, and they are a mighty source of experiences. Check this page to see some tourist tips and download some useful apps.

We recommend that you download maps on your phone and follow them. The easiest is to download them on

Contact us for any questions. We are here for you and ready to answer all your questions.

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