Formula 1 GP Austria 30.06.2023 - 02.07.2023

Race weekend tips


Here are some valuable tips to help you enjoy the Grand Prix Austria racing weekend as much as possible.

Getting to the Red Bull Ring Circuit


There are usually many different ways to reach the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. Here is detailed information.

Weather forecast


Predicting the weather during the Austrian Grand Prix is just as impossible as saying which rider will win the race. So watch the weather forecast a few days before the Grand Prix weekend, and don't be surprised. If it's nice, don't forget to bring a headcover, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Also, don't underestimate a regular drinking regimen. However, if it looks like rain, we recommend that you take raincoats or waterproof jackets with you instead of umbrellas.



When it comes to clothing, think mainly of comfort. During the Grand Prix weekend, you also stand a lot, so choose shoes that you can comfortably wear all day.

If you plan to stay on the circuit until late in the evening, bring at least one layer of warm clothing. The same goes for spectators who watch the race from the higher floors of the grandstand, where it could be windy. Therefore, take a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt.

In some VIP lounges, a business casual dress code is generally recommended. But many visitors dress to feel comfortable.

Food and drink


You don't have to worry about being hungry during the Austrian Grand Prix. At the Red Bull Ring, there are plenty of snack stalls that can satisfy even the most demanding diners.

Photography and video


At the Red Bull Ring, photography, taking video and audio recordings for commercial purposes is prohibited. For this reason, we recommend you do not take any larger professional devices with you. The organizers do not have to let you inside with them. However, taking photos and uploading videos to your mobile phones for personal use is allowed.



If you have a ticket to the grandstand, you don't have to worry about having anywhere to sit. If you have the ticket to the natural grandstand, take something with you that will keep you off the ground. There are even spectators who carry camping chairs and other equipment.

For those of you who have the ticket for the natural grandstands, we recommend choosing the best place where there is a great view of the circuit the day before the race. On the day of the race, you just have to arrive before everyone else to take it. ;)



In the entire area of the Projekt Spielberg, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, it will be possible to pay without cash using the Cashless Payment System. You can obtain a cashless card on-site at the Welcome Center, in all Projekt Spielberg restaurants, as well as at the Driving Center during their respective opening hours.

For a € 3 deposit, you will receive a cashless card that you can use to charge as much money as you see fit and then pay with this card at the Red Bull Ring. You can check the status of your finances on your card at any time via the website or using the Spielberg APP. And don't worry, when the Grand Prix Austria is over, you can transfer the remaining money from the card back to your account or card.


This information will be published a few days before the race here.

Wear light, comfortable clothes and shoes. In case it rains, we recommend packing a waterproof jacket or raincoat, and in case the sun shines we also recommend sunscreen.

No, if you don't have sensitive ears, you can leave the plugs at home.

At the Red Bull Ring, you can pay using the Cashless Payment System in the restaurants and also gift shops. More information can be found here.

A few weeks before Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the timetable will be accessible here.

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