Formula 1 GP Austria 30.06.2023 - 02.07.2023

Traffic during Austrian GP


What is the traffic situation around Spielberg during the Grand Prix?

From Friday, people who are preparing for the Austrian GP will come to the area. Expect increased traffic density on both motorways and side roads. Keep patient; stress and swearing won’t help break through traffic jams. The most difficult situation will be just before the start of the race and also just right after the end because thousands of people rush to the race or home. If you wake up and get up early or take a walk through the area after the race, you will certainly save unpleasant moments in a traffic jam.

If you want to get to the Austrian GP comfortably and without unnecessary waiting in traffic jams, take a look at a few tips on how to do it:

  • The first to come, the first to park and have a better view! Set your alarm a little earlier and arrive at the circuit before half-past seven. You will avoid the crowds of spectators who come after you.
  • Arrange with friends and drive to Spielberg together in one car. Fewer cars, smaller traffic jams.
  • Take the bus service from Knittelfeld or Judenburg Station. You don't have to decide who will drive and who can have a beer. Buses will take you there and back for free! 



There are several parking lots around the Red Bull Ring. For more information on parking on the circuit, please click here.

Yes, there are. The start-finish grandstand is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and toilets on the same level. Audio description for visually impaired and blind persons is available and presented by experienced commentators.Click here for more information.

Yes, near the Red Bull Ring there is a car park for disabled people. The full map of the parking lots can be found here.


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